Local Happenings

One of the many feathered visitors we have at the lake. Not being familiar with many birds, I Googled, and he is an Eastern Bluebird. I think he's gorgeous. We dodged a tornado at the lake last week by about 20 minutes. We'd had a burger at a little cafe in a small town 8 miles from us. When we arrived back at the lakehouse and turned on the news, we heard that we'd just missed it. When we got back home here, we discovered we'd been hit by a freak hailstorm. We may need a new roof. Baseball size hail broke one of our cars windshield, and left dents of that same size all over it. The lawn looks like gophers have been hard at work. I know that you can't tell the depth of this hail hole, but it's about an inch and a half deep, and baseball size. Many homes have windows busted out, but we were fortunate to only have our screens ripped. Also we have some smashed guttering,and a few chipped bricks. We feel fairly fortunate, compared to others, but we've just been issued another tornado watch until 10 pm. Well, that's life in Oklahoma, and my emergency closet is ready. Sigh. Okay, now back to the phone, waiting for return calls from insurance adjusters, roofing companies, etc.