Knowing When to Let Go

So how do you know when you've done enough on a piece of writing? That seems to be the million dollar questions. If somene could come up with a computer program that would shout, "enough" when you're done, they'd make a mint of money. If you find yourself putting back in, the stuff you took out during the last edit, then you've probably done all you can. If you want to kill everyone in the story, then you probably need to step away from the work for a while. If you wish you'd never started it and are sure it's the worst piece of writing in the world, then it's probably time for a fresh pair of eyes and perspective. If you're convinced that this is the best thing in the world and you're going to be rich and famous, then it's probably time for an editor or another professional to intervene. The point I'm trying to make is that it's not possible to be totally dispassionate about your own work. All you can do is the best you can do. It's great if you have a professional friend, one who will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear. 

Still Around

I apologize to those of you that follow me and are finding me lacking in interesting posts lately. Actually in posting at all, nevermind anything interesting. Life is pretty busy right now. I was in Las Vegas last week for a Microsoft conference, it was a whirlwind of sessions, with lots to learn and too tired at night to do much of anything other than walk around a bit and lose a little cash, man that place is noisy. I tell ya, Las Vegas people are a different class of people from anywhere else I've seen. And lots of the young ladies there (even not so young ones), sure do leave nothing to the imagination. It was really really hard to not get all out of sorts. I felt like a overweight country bumpkin compared to the majority of the ladies there. Well mostly at night, during they day, normal people were out and about, well almost all were normal, there were still some pretty interesting people out during the day.