Possible Things to See

Here are some possible things to see. Cowboys and Aliens. Favs directs a nonbinding Daniel Craig in a driven genre mash. Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford and Sam Rockwell lend power. The nerd world awaits with cautiously positive expectations. The Adventures of Tintin. The Secret of The Unicorn. Bell, Pegg, Frost, Craig and Serkis team with Spielberg to produce a future classic family movie based on a rather obscure character, but marketing will handle that. Sherlock Holmes Steampower Boogaloo. Holmes and Watson return for another similarly entertaining installment. This time Mad Men's Jared Harris is the mysterious Professor Moriarty. Steven Fry as Mycroft Holmes. First one was decent, any lessons learned from the superior BBC series? The "superstar" era overexposure of Robert Downey Jr. makes me wish Jared Harris was Sherlock. Super 8. Abrams has some kind of nostalgic, spooky Spielbergian aliens n' kids thing in the works. Area 51 mythology meets a period, kid-driven adventure? If the bar is set at Close Encounters and E.T. Then even half success will make a great movie. Kids may employ creator's patented shakeycam and lens flare cinematography when using the eponymous format. Might be the second coming of Signs.