Do people Really listen?

I tell people "when you get home treat her like a puppy, don't give her free run of the house, don't trust her. She doesn't know where she is, this isn't home yet and won't be for at least 30 days. Yes, she is housebroken but she may still have accidents until she knows where the door is and what your routine is". I get a phone call the next day "We got home and let her run the house to see everything and she pooped in the kitchen when we weren't in there". Oh did she really! No way. I honestly want to say "You are a idiot. I told you not to do that!" But I don't. I re-explain everything I told them the day before. Do people ever grow up? Do they ever listen? I am tired of explaining the same thing over and over again to adults. As I am writing this I am thinking of all the dogs that are purchased from a pet store or money grubbing assholes.. sorry I mean breeder (the bad ones). I am thinking they don't tell the people anything about the dog, they just take money and send on their way. they don't check on the dog, they don't even care what happens when it leaves their possession. Those poor dogs. Oh wait, then I remember, I end up with them but I don't mind!