Standing Ovations

India just beat Australia at the MCG, for the first time since 1986. This happen on February 2008. They did so because they played brilliant one day cricket. The Australian's batted like millionaires and didn't seem interested in steadying the ship when early wickets fell. Like always, Australia never gave up in the field, but India under pressure did what Australia didn't, they slowed down, stuck to their plan (to make 160) and who cares how slow they did it, but you can't do it from inside the dressing room. They bought their best game, Australia didn't, no big deal. What was a big deal though, was what Tendulkar did to Lee in that third (or there abouts) over. The cover drive, and the on drive... sublime! I could watch them over and over, and i did at least10 times, and now another game is comming, should it make the high expectations!